Political Exercise, 21 August 2012

Just some random political tidbits.

ON THE PASSING OF ROBREDO. We give our government too much skepticism in the name of citizenship and cynicism in the name of wisdom that we miss the simple truths — that there are good, hard-working men in Philippine politics. We do have public servants. But while Robredo was a good example of that, he is insufficient to exemplify the ideal. Over the past week, we’ve also heard about the ordeal of PAGASA forecasters and employees — people who earn much less and have much less going on in their job descriptions than Robredo. Yet, they give their all just the same. I’m not making a case for blind optimism however, but I think it’s time we gave people their simple due.

ON THE PLAGIARISM OF SEN. SOTTO. Plagiarism is an issue because it is integrity that’s on the line. And when it comes to statesmanship, people can rise and fall on their word — or just fall if the word isn’t theirs. I think what irks people about this whole debacle is not just the act of plagiarism or the impunity with which the Senator tries to extricate himself. It is about trust. How can you trust a man who props up his position on words he — vicariously through his staff — stole? It’s material corruption, really. But instead of co-opting funds and power for selfish purposes, ideas and intellectual property are taken away and used nefariously instead to bolster a position that can fundamentally affect that fate of a bill designed to provide crucial education and services to women in need.

ON THE RH BILL, PART ONE HUNDRED. I used to feel that the debate over the RH would be healthy for our democracy, but as the months have gone on I begin to feel that it — the debate, not the bill — has become social poison, gnawing away at our bones and weakening our spirits. I strongly doubt that anyone is still convincing anybody on the opposite side of the fence. Both sides are now firmly entrenched and what we’re witnessing is an ideological war of attrition on the streets and the highest game of political one-up-manship in the House. It’s exasperating to watch, really. Are the debates still making us better as a people? Just amend and vote on the bill already.

ON PHILIPPINE POLITICAL FILMS. Why don’t we have more movies about our history? Jose P. Laurel, the so-called Puppet President consigned by the Japanese, would make an interesting, tragic, and sad character for a biopic, I think. We can also learn much from the early statesmanship during the Commonwealth era as exemplified by the friendship and rivalry of Osmena and Quezon. And how about Roxas and the post-war reconstruction? What about Magsaysay? There is so much in our past that can be put to film. When done intelligently, they can become instruments for our people’s political education. When done tastefully, they compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer. If I can take a break from everything, I’d step into another life where I would be writing an award-winning screenplay. Maybe. Maybe someday. I’m not even 30.


4 thoughts on “Political Exercise, 21 August 2012

  1. Write the screenplay. I’ll direct the film … in 20 years, when I’m self-sufficient and financially capable of producing this film 😉

  2. I am quite in a stalemate in my legal writings, I got to check on these random thoughts of yours. Might as well give my two cents worth of views…

    ROBREDO – I hope that Robredo is not just a footnote in our history.

    Like Magsaysay, he was just taken away without the slightest warning (and not to mention in an eerily congruent manner). Problem is, the country imho is quite in a cynical and byzantine position in its modern day history. You do not know who to trust anymore in government. There is no political will nowadays – maybe because most of us only rely on FATE and ACCEPTANCE of the status quo. Despite of this, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Good governance is just around the corner or maybe staring right in front of government – only thing is how to apply it and utilize it ideally to serve the needs of the people.

    PLAGIARISM – This incident only shows that gone were the days of real senators and congressmen who will stand up for themselves as to their point of views AND REALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND TALKING ABOUT, not only by mere whole reliance on their brain trusts and staff. The senator should have known better but to know for himself what he is really gawking about in the first place, not to convey things given to him or her hook line and sinker.

    RH BILL – On a philosophical side, the successful passage of the RH Bill into law is simply a triumph and full realization of church and state separation. Other than that, I rest my case.

    HISTORICAL FILMS – TOBACCO MONOPOLY PERHAPS? Or the British Invasion? (not the failed 1966 one which started by snubbing and ended by tomato pelting, hehehe) :p

    But I believe if you are going to make a film exclusively about Emilio Aguinaldo, it would be a big task to do. Aguinaldo’s ascent to power during the Philippine Revolution, his back dealings, his decisions, his allegiances, his backfires, etc. best exemplifies the continuing state of Philippine Affairs as of the present. It is not modern history of Martial Law and EDSA that reflect the attitudes of today – such attitudes were even prevalent way during our plight against the Spanish and was carried over as of the present.

    Mukhang ten cents ito of thoughts.

    Yo, peace.

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