Welcome to the refreshed “Lecture Notes”!

Visitors of my Sir Martin blog will notice that it is now in archive status. That blog has had a good run for the past five years, although I really haven’t been generating content for it in the past two. And as the previous school year went on, I ended up using less and less as its stated function — posts and updates for my classes and the PSHS community — got moved more and more to social media, particularly Facebook. And now that we’re already three months into the current school year, I still haven’t used that blog at all.

This blog has felt more of my home, really. It has been easier to write here over the past few months. Though I haven’t been hammering out content as frequently as I used to when I began blogging in 2007, writing here at least feels freer and more liberating. A lot has to do with the nom de guerre — mbsperez — which is essentially my signature as an author and writer. Unlike sirmartin, anything goes as I don’t feel as bound to the teacher mode.

So what’s to see and enjoy in this refreshed version?

I’ve imported most of my entries over the past five years into this blog and sorted them out into neat categories you can easily browse. I’ve also kept the layout smoother and cleaner for an all around better reading experience that also works well in mobile.

In the event I need to write my students or the PSHS community directly on a local matter, it will not find its place here. Instead, I’ll do so through a Facebook note addressed to those of whom the matter is most pertinent to. This blog will very much remain a place my ‘reading public’ can enjoy.

And as for me, this blog will serve as a ‘writing refuge’ in this age of statuses and tweets. For sure, I’ll remain active in my usual channels but this blog is here when I need to gather my thoughts and present them in a more definitive way.

So take a look around and I hope you enjoy what you see. I feel that writing is slowly becoming a lost art in this age of atomized expression, but here’s to keeping this craft alive. After all, not everything can be said in 140 characters — though it’s sure fun to try.


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