So I’ve been dating a girl who travels

So I’ve been dating a girl who travels, as this blogger did suggest. And so far, so good — I still haven’t lost my wallet, my passport, my keys. Sure my car has put on some extra miles; my shoes feel a little more worn. But when they say that it’s about the journey not the destination, that’s only half right — it’s also about who you’re with.

In dating a girl who travels, you always have to be prepared. With her jeans, flats, a cotton top, and a backpack, she’s ready to go and will wait for no one — not even you. She has places to go and people to meet, so I count myself lucky that she can spot me in a crowded street. There’s really no telling where she wants to go next, but you can rest assured that when she puts her hand in yours she trusts you enough to lead her to wherever you want to go.

So take care of her, this girl who travels, but don’t try too hard. Her experience on the road has taught her to be simple, practical, and kind. She’s not one for fancy dinners (though that would be nice from time to time) because for one who is used to traveling on a budget, food is food. She rather you hunt for a bargain and save your money for something you’ll actually need. She won’t mind simple, cheap dates as long as you find your way to her.

And when you meet, it’s always a treat. Her travels have given her the power to see, so pay her good attention. She’ll never fail to point out a funny sight or spell a ridiculous sign, so don’t forget to laugh. She appreciates beauty, is deeply moved by art, and can spend her days adoring interesting sights in websites of places near and faraway. She has an eye for justice, too, and can be passionate about the underdog and the outcast. To her we are all connected, each of us a unique detail in the fabric of the world.

This is also why she can go on and on about everyone she’s ever met. From her peers to her friends to her family and to perfect strangers, her stories can breathe life into names of people you’ll barely meet or most likely never will. Each of them has given her something to help her on her way, whether it be an anecdote, a sweet memory, or a laugh. She sees each person as a product of his or her own travels. And though she’ll ask you from time to time about where you’ve been, what matters more to her is who you are now. So interest her, care for her, intrigue her. Soon enough she’ll ask you about where you want to be. She’s a traveler, after all, figuring out where she wants to go, too.

So is it worth dating a girl who travels? Definitely. In the end you end up traveling, too, but not necessarily always to other places, cultures, and climes. It takes some distance, after all, to get to know another person fully and completely. And when you’re cared for by a girl who travels, you’ll know that you’re as good as you are. She’ll take you in, with all your fears and insecurities, and believe in you — and that will be enough to send you soaring to heights you’ve never imagined.

And all she’ll ask in return? Just always be there. For a girl who travels can never just stay in one place forever. Her heart may be yours, but her soul longs for an affair with the entire world. You’ll have to let her go eventually, but not too much. Because there is always just one thing all travelers need at the end of the day.

So go find a girl who travels. Love her, care for her. Challenge yourself to be a better man and be that place she calls home.

57 thoughts on “So I’ve been dating a girl who travels

  1. Really beautifully written. I just have to disagree with one thing – I know very few travelers who think that “food is food”. At least for me, the food is an integral part of discovering a new place or of feeling like I’m really back at home. But you are right, they don’t necessarily have to be lavish. Just good food.

  2. Got me all sniffly and gooey inside. πŸ™‚ I found home in someone special and I think you’ve articulated very well some thoughts that he has tried to express. May all travelers always have “someone” to call home.

  3. loved it… I’ve never really saw it like that before but now I can see the rays shining through so amazed that a guy can actually pay so much attention πŸ™‚ … good read. Thank you.

  4. I have had that experience , but the other way around … a boy that travels, but essencially it’s the same!

  5. Reblogged this on might as well photo blog and commented:
    When you’re cared for by a girl who travels, you’ll know that you’re as good as you are. She’ll take you in, with all your fears and insecurities, and believe in you β€” and that will be enough to send you soaring to heights you’ve never imagined.

  6. awesome read! I just shared this on my FB. I am a female traveler and you are so right on the things you’ve said. =) well done!

  7. What a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m hoping that you’re not a dying breed. =)

  8. This is cute. Questions: Do you have a job? How many vacation days do you get? How do you align your schedules? So simplistic I know…

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