Change is Gonna Come

I love that song, especially the Gavin DeGraw version. And while every year we talk about how things will change and will never be the same, this coming school year promises to shake things up in a big way. Let’s go through some ways it would.

First, I’ll be teaching the least number of classes ever this year. It had been the case that in our year level, I’d teach at least half of all the sections. This year it will be just two out of eight. While the seeming upside of that is that I’ll have less work to stress over, I’ve never really seen teaching as ‘work’. Having handled a lot of sections, I’ll miss the unpredictability of getting to interact with so many students, as well as the opportunity for me to refine my lessons and hone my approaches in each class with every section. Compared to five sections, teaching two is like walking the tight rope; there is much less room for error.

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to adopting an approach that will get me closer and more personal with my students. I’d like to really pore through every single word in every essay; I’d like to have as many conversations as I can with each one. That will be easier with, say, just 60 than the usual 150. Having to handle so many classes requires some ‘professional distance’ at times since I tend to invest my whole self to my students and there is only so much of me I can give out. But not anymore. I’ll make it a point that these two sections get the best SS2 experience ever!

Another big change has to do with AKSIS. While I don’t want my members to learn of our new arrangements in an informal blog post such as this, I believe they can sort of anticipate that with my new assignment next year there are bound to be some changes. But I will always be around. I’ll make it a point to participate in AKSIS 101 (my latest initiative) as often as I can.

And all these changes are necessitated by my new assignment — the Discipline Office. My thoughts on these alone will require a blog of its own. In the course of the coming weeks I’ll do my best to write candidly about the job while I still can. I know how words have the power to shape expectations. The last thing I want now is to generate more pressure than the job already has. However, if there is one thing I will introduce into the Discipline Office, it is the notion that our students should take part in the process of living out the values of the PSHS. More on this soon.

Underneath all this, I am also contemplating more… personal changes. The notion of dorming in Pisay has crossed my mind and it is an alternative — in addition to ditching my car and just commuting every day — that I am currently entertaining. The only thing stopping me (and this is a big thing) is the advice given to me by the previous D.O. — that I must have an anchor outside of Pisay. She warned me that this job can consume me and I fear that if I make Pisay my home then it will completely devour me. Going home to my family, at least, will allow me to set boundaries and disconnect before I burn out. I will need that voice telling me to look after myself and take a break from work because I deserve it. That is something invaluable, and may just be worth the escalating price of gas.


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