We are all out to change the world

Is it true that as someone grows older, the more practical they become?

That question has remained with me since I was first asked a year ago. I was in a rough spot in my life with not much ammunition to answer. I was thrust into a leadership position in school, but was by then facing circumstances that made me doubt the very promise that the position once held. It was so easy to reply in the negative (or positive as the case may be). It was so easy to give up.

Instead that question forced me to confront my own hopes and fears. It compelled me to recover the idealism I have lost while cautioning me to remain mindful of reality-as-it-is.

In so many words, I replied to that young man’s question by saying that it is true what they say, though it need not be so for him. There for many in this world whose path has been to live and carve out a comfortable life. That is perfectly fine. But I forewarned that there will come a time when we will be called out to something greater than ourselves. We will be presented with a path that may not be as comfortable and easy, and it will require a lot of sacrifice. Too few rise up to answer such a call; it is my hope that there be more among our ranks.

This blog is about that hope.

My own path hasn’t been perfect. But neither am I at the end. This blog continues my own project at self-discovery as I hope to share stories and insights to help others further along in their journey. So I hope you find something worth your while, for if you have the time then I will have the Change to spare.


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