P.S. Morality War or Class War

Just after I posted the entry below on the elections as one about good and evil, I read an Inquirer article about Manny Villar framing the elections as one between rich and poor. What a bunch of BS coming from him!

Framing the election that way is even more divisive and dangerous. Remember Estrada? Villar is playing the trapo populist playbook. I don’t expect much of him and yet what he’s doing can ruin things for all us. But good for him. That is the point.

Once he said that he doesn’t need anyone’s blessing to be President. I guess he means our votes don’t really matter too. He is so awash in cash that his gameplan is to literally buy off his way to the presidency.

Not now, Villar. Not this time. Akala ko trapo, nun pala &@#O.

Even want me to consider you in this election, Villar? Face the Senate hearings.

Now back to your regular, reasoned programming.


4 thoughts on “P.S. Morality War or Class War

  1. Villar is simply bitter because Noynoy’s entry has effectively destroyed his candidacy. He was doing fine all these months even though he was very quiet. Despite the senate investigation, he remained on top of the surveys. Now, Noynoy’s rise has eaten into the base. I think Villar’s numbers were a bit propped up mainly because there were many voters who were undecided and instead flocked to Villar because he seemed to be the victim of persecution by his presidential rivals. Even I entertained the possibility of supporting him because my conscience couldn’t handle the other candidates. But with Noynoy, many people can now vote for someone that they can live with. Sorry Manny. The presidential throne is a matter of destiny. Apparently, it’s not yours.

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