Cory Aquino’s procession — A view from SLEX

At around 4:30pm, my mom and I went to the west service road just along the South Luzon Expressway. The funeral procession left the Manila Cathedral about five hours ago.

Here are some shots from where I stood. At first I was contented to stay on the safe side of the service road, then the moment took control. Scroll to the bottom for a video.



  1. Nice to see your experience was much drier than ours. 😛

    We waited for the cortege on the center island of Osmeña Avenue (near Don Pedro, the street where we were hit by a taxi a few years back. hehe) with my mom, Ninang Rose, Tita Ces, and Pam. It was a wet 2 hours… although not as wet as the 5 hours my parents, Ninang Rose and I spent in a line snaking around Intramuros last night. Haha!

    Nevertheless, both experiences were fulfilling and extremely moving. They helped me understand what Tita Cory really meant to the Filipino people.

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