My schedule for SY2009/10

Looks like I’ll have way more time on my hands than ever before, but I’m sure I’ll find something that will keep me irrationally busy. I always do.

sy0910schedCan I just say how much I love my schedule this year? (Thanks for all the hard work, Physics unit!) On Monday, I meet Sampa straight for SS2 and then homeroom. On Friday, we meet just before the UB. Pretty cool.

Late afternoon AKSIS meetings will be a challenge though since I have longer waits ahead of me. I hope we can find earlier common times. Otherwise I’ll be forced to kill time over coffee and a movie. 🙂

And today I volunteered to chair the school’s Outreach Committee (yes, we have one). I was reluctant at first until we hit on an idea that sold it for me. Right then and there I realized that I wanted this assignment. I hope to make substantial contributions to it in the same way I did for the former S-Club that eventually became AKSIS. Then I guess there’s no surprise that my first move is to propose a name change. 😉

I don’t need to say much about not getting to be 2011’s Batch Adviser once more. Just running into and catching up with a handful of them awhile ago made me realize how much I will miss them and how they will always be a part of me. But we move on. They are in good hands. And I? There are new challenges ahead, and I feel that I am still where I am supposed to be.


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