The Difference Between Experts and Masters

The 2nd day of the PSHS System’s seminar workshop on giftedness has just ended. Kudos to their effort of bringing teachers across the different Luzon campuses together. We should have this sort of gathering more often.

But as I prepare to retire for the night, I couldn’t help but feel how long this day was. It really isn’t a good sign if the highlight of my trip thus far is buying my ticket for the trip home. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

I know that I have much more to learn about teaching, and that it would do me better to learn what I can from the experts we have invited.

But I can’t learn this way. I can’t sit through a two-hour lecture only for it to be extended another hour. I can’t appreciate workshops that don’t get processed or debriefed. I think we should limit PowerPoint presentations to at most 10 slides, or at least fill it with pictures, or better we do away with it entirely and have a conversation instead.

What I look for is someone who can INSPIRE me. Move me. Remind me why I am here. Make me believe that what I do has purpose.

Experts can answer that, but not without sounding cold, steely, and distant. I wish to listen to a true MASTER, someone who speaks from the heart so effortlessly. He need not know the big words, but the right ones. He needs no visual aids for he has a grace and poise that tells you he is for real. And when he leaves, you remember a name, not a title or an accolade, but a word you would call your friend.

I will be remiss if I judge this conference for what it is not, and yet it has done nothing but remind me of what I am still looking for:

The master in me. For we become the change we seek.

Good night from Baguio. I had yet to feel this place since I got here, then writing this on my E51 just outside our hotel gave me the perfect chance. See you Manila in just over 24 hours.


One thought on “The Difference Between Experts and Masters

  1. Hello, sir Martin
    I know what you mean in here. I used to teach and attended seminars too.
    I still keep those notes which I wrote down from the teachers who gave seminars, who inspired me so much, and those inspirations are not only useful in teaching but also in everyday life. They changed me, not only as a teacher, but changed how I live, how I think, how I value process of learning more than result, how I evaluate my students. I’m not sure about gifted kids, cause smart kids are smart kids, but that’s all. But when I felt happier was the moment I saw the child learned not because he/she was told to learn by teachers or parents, but he/she remember the moment of happiness to learn as if they were small babies again who wanted to taste everything they held or curious about things in nature when they were kinder, and sought for ways to find out the answers on their own. Parents didn’t need to remind them to study anymore, because they remembered how fun to learn and know something. It was a big success and happy moment of mine to see a child change. Because they can carry on that attitude to wherever they are and how old they are. Success of education is not how high your students achieved, but what sort of process they learned. After all, achievement of life is not how much you earn too. They learned first who they are, so they can overcome their weakness, too.
    Though, Filipino teachers are really under-appreciated.. I feel unjust to dedicated teachers. Thanks for the great effort you made for the SIGAW last year.(mrs.Peralejo)

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