Did Darwin kill God?

Angels and Demons hits the theatres in two weeks and some members of the Church hierarchy already have their skirts in a bunch. But one clergy did put it right — they shouldn’t play the movie’s game; the more they oppose it, the more attention they give it. And as if that changes anything. I am amused by how some Church officials dismiss the movie for being far from the truth. Isn’t that what fiction is?

Anyway, all this attention on religion reminded me of one of the best documentaries on religion I’ve seen. Did Darwin Kill God? is presented by Connor Cunningham, a theologian and philosopher, and articulates something we all know instinctively but can’t somehow find the words to explain it: the Theory of Evolution is not at odds with Church teaching, and vice versa.

This documentary presents this theory from a historical and philosophical point of view. It finds itself firmly in the middle of two fundamentalist camps which we see today as the creationists and the ultra-evolutionists. Watching this feels like downing a glass of iced water during a hot summer day.

That was part one. View: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


4 thoughts on “Did Darwin kill God?

  1. the Theory of Evolution is not at odds with Church teaching, and vice versa.
    There is a difference between “Church teaching” and “possibility of God’s existence.”

  2. I don’t know… the “Roman Catholic church” reacts too much. No offense to the Catholics. They should keep their opposition to their own local churches, not by going public about it – as was said, they’re only giving it more attention.

    And I will add, they are only making a lot of people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, to get curious about it, so in the end they will watch, discuss, research, and even buy the book.


    Heh, the RCC claimed for themselves “Church” (capital letter ‘C’) when if not part of a name, “Church” refers to the “Body of Christ” or the “Bride”. So in this reply and when I get to read “Church” like the above, I assume it refers to the RCC, and secondly, it is obvious who reacts too much of all the Abrahamic Religions.

  3. I firmly believe in evolution (sorta the foundation of Bio, actually), but thinks that the core beliefs of the ultra-Dawinists, the theory of the Selfish Gene and the theory of the Memes, misses out on something: emergence.

    By placing extreme importance in the most basic units (memes, genes), they don’t give credit to the complex ‘structure’ that arrises from the aggregation of these basic units.

    Maybe I’ll just blog about this 😀

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