Do What You Have To Do

In the most recent episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon goes on a long extended leave from work. Being the showrunner of a Friday night sketch comedy show, this break really leaves her at a loss. With no show to write, no sketches to rehearse, no cast and crew to keep in line, minutes feel like hours and days like years. She thinks that she needs the stress, then realizes that stress only gives the illusion of purpose. And when you strip everything away, you realize that there are so many other ways to be happy.

I’m pretty much in the same spot right now.

This entry is pretty much a “I’m still alive” post. I don’t feel compelled to write about my vacation so far because I’m pretty sure that most are having a bigger blast than I. All I can say is that Jack Bauer is awesome, and I love tennis now even more than I did last summer.

Everything else is just rest. I need it. Last school year was incredibly fulfilling — and I am aware that I have yet to write about that — but also very tiring. There are also so many things about my work that I could live without, and I’m being brutally honest in saying that I’m enjoying every second I am far and away from Pisay.

I started last school year thinking “I shouldn’t be here.” I somehow made peace with it, but I realize now that I may have been mistaken in doing so.


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