So do I want to stay on as Batch Adviser?

I am flattered by an agreement struck by the incoming Batch 2011 Council. They want me to stay on as Batch Adviser and have even started a little survey to get a feel of whether the rest want it too.

But what do I think?

Quick answer: Yes. I would love to stay on as 2011 Batch Adviser.

Long answer: The past school year, even with all the disappointment in the last two weeks, is the most fulfilling school year I’ve ever had. Working as the Batch Adviser is one of my favorite work experiences so far. If only for the chance to work with our students and parents again, please sign me up!

In some ways, my work with the Batch is undone. We’ve established really good working relationships over the past year and I am excited to build on this foundation for activities such as the retreat and the prom. The mentor in me wants to pursue career talks that won’t just inform students of opportunities, but equip them with the skills to create their own opportunities. I plan to invite not just scientists but artists — the ones who create videogames, digital films, and sound recordings. There is science in all that too!

My philosophy about the Third Year is that it is the time when you begin thinking about the choices you will have to make in the 4th year and beyond. You don’t have to make them yet, but you should at least realize that you need to. The theme of the year will be responsibility, and this will be in preparation for the time you make your commitments in 4th year.

In being aware of choices we also talk about relationships, whether it be with friends, frenemies, or those who are more than friends. The people we keep close to us help define our future successes, so we need to be made further aware of our responsibilities to others, especially those who are dear to us. This is why we have the retreat. This is also why we have the prom.

I can go on and on.

The “But”: However, not being able to work together again will be fine too. In some ways, my work with the Batch is done. We have done so much, Batch 2011. We’ve made the most out of all the opportunities given to us, and I have no regrets. Not a single one. Even when we were told we couldn’t, we found a way to make things happen for ourselves. We are lucky to have all the support we do, so I am confident that even without me, you will be fine.

We have all the reason to believe that your next Batch Adviser may even do a better job than me. You’ll never know. And in the event that he or she doesn’t, then you will be there. Your parents will be there. I am confident in all of you. I am thankful if you believed in my power to make a difference, but that will mean nothing if along the way, you didn’t learn to believe in your own power too.

Therefore: Whatever happens next, I will be happy. If we continue to work together, then that is most excellent. If not, then that will be just as good too. I will be fine. You have nothing to worry about with me.

Yet, just as it has always been in the past year, it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters more what you think, what you want. So if you ask me if I want to, it’s a clear yes. But this isn’t just my decision to make.

For me to be your Batch Adviser in Third Year, I will have to teach SS3. I can do that and I’m actually itching to teach something different next year. But right now, I am giving way to my colleagues who feel more confident teaching SS3. They can always be convinced, but they need to hear it from people other than me.

And as for the Admin, we mended fences today and will bear no ill feelings towards each other moving forward. I made it clear to them that if they need a Batch Adviser, I will be there. And they advised me that if I wish to follow my Batch, then I will have to teach SS3.

It’s your move guys. 🙂


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