Scientists are Activists

The foundation of modern science is the ability to question. Innovation is achieved when boundaries and tested and broken down, not when they are held.

The scientific method itself is founded on investigation, a willingness to suspend assumptions in order to bring new truths to light. Scientists are supposed to change their minds. If we become unwilling to seek, then we cease to make the world brighter. Thus, darkness is dwelling in the false comfort of the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves.

I refuse to keep my students in the shadows. My goal is to teach them to search for the light.

This is the role of the social sciences in a school for the gifted in the natural sciences. This is the principle behind my defiance. The Achievement Test is just one matter; my position on which I firmly stand by.

But rest assured. I believe in a system of rules, but only when they work. It can be argued that they don’t work because they are not followed. I rather believe that people will follow rules if they are seen as fair, practical, and true. Key to this is leadership, particularly leadership through sheer virtue of example and simple strength of reason.

Thus we recognize that the system we have in place is not perfect. There are many moving parts, and we are missing some. They will never be found if they are not sought, and we will not seek if we don’t ask. We are training scientists right? How can we expect them to innovate, when we impose them to accept what they see in front of them as true?

Thank God they’re smarter than that.


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