Fleeting and Finite

The PSHS community lost one of their own yesterday. And this morning, her friends mourned her as her teachers remembered her. I cannot say that I am one of them. For I did not know her, the sympathy I feel is for those who have lost her. I am certain that in her own way she was a beautiful human being, and the regret of not having known her is entirely mine.

Gian said it best this morning — that her passing should serve as a reminder that though we always ask for more time to do our work and less time to stay in school, we should always cherish the time we spend with each other. That is true. For our lives, no matter how infinite in its spirit, are fleeting and finite.

I am not an existentialist. I am not one to question why I exist and what for. All I know is that I do and that whatever it is I have to do, I do it now — I do it always, for we are fleeting and finite. Yet the consequences of what we do have the potential to be lasting and infinite. We will all be forgotten, but as we live we have the power to be remembered. And it is the friends of Tintin who know this. Having touched by her power, she will live through them always.

May you all live in the peace of having known her. That is where she rests.


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