Before you scream at the top of your lungs

I am hungry for change around here, but first some pointers.

  • I am not an anarchist. That is one line I will never cross. I will openly challenge any authority deemed questionable, but I will never undermine it. It’s self-defeating. For once we supplant that authority then we replace it, and hence anarchy only leads to a vicious cycle.
  • When leaders cannot be accountable then those at the middle and at the bottom ultimately suffer; they’re made to take the fall. Thus we must always press our leaders to be accountable. When they play cover-your-ass politics then we return the favor.
  • I rather deal with the devil than with a dumbass. Once you know what motivates the former he becomes predictable. On the other hand, you just can’t outsmart a dumbass. It’s pointless.
  • Everyone brings something unique to the table — even if it’s just food.
  • Worse than trying to please everyone is trying to piss off no one. The former is the politics of pacification, the other is the politics of paranoia. Again, rather the devil.
  • It’s not easy speaking up but it has to be done. Weaknesses and limitations must be spelled out in clear and no uncertain terms so that they can be confronted directly.
  • When your vision starts to dim and your ears start to fume, shut your mouth.
  • It’s always the little things that get away which build up into complex issues later. Never let it get there.
  • It takes a boss to fix a problem, it takes a leader to sort through an issue.
  • For us to do whatever we please, there must be rules.
  • When we perceive our leaders to be arbitrary, then we can’t afford to be arbitrary. But hey, can you blame us?
  • Never say, “This will do.” It usually won’t.
  • You don’t owe anyone — except your parents — anything. Repeat one thousand times. And this is why we don’t do nepotism.
  • It’s lonely at the top. You sure you want to be there?

This school year has been a tremendous learning experience. It has made an realistic idealist out of me.


One thought on “Before you scream at the top of your lungs

  1. I’m a realistic idealist too. It’s great to still have hope, but it’s also good to know that your ideas aren’t foolish and naive.

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