Philippine Catholic Church headed for obsolesence

Warning. I am annoyed. Read “RH bill headed for defeat”.

This is hubris. Pure hubris on part of the Catholic Church! Damn them.

In the report, the Church announced that it has enough numbers to kill the RH Bill. The Bishops-Legislators Caucus of the Philippines, a lobby group in Congress, has ascertained that only 99 out of 238 Congressmen will openly declare support for the bill. The rest are expected to shoot it down.

The Church and its army of pro-life, anti-choice zealots have been grossly immature and irrational (for instance, insisting that the bill supports abortion when in fact it doesn’t, but it does when “you read between the lines”) throughout this whole thing. Now, they make things worse.

Not only did they counter the bill, but they are now lining up a new piece of legislation that purports “to include provisions on regulating over-the-counter sales of contraceptives without prescription, as well as controlling the sale of condoms.”

How will they — the mere 8% of Filipinos opposed to the RH Bill — explain this to the rest of us?

Perhaps, the most asinine part of the report was this,

International aid agencies and economists have backed the bill saying it is crucial if the Philippines is to curb its annual population growth rate of 2.04 percent, one of Asia’s highest.

The bill seeks to establish a national family planning program that would include sex education and advice on birth control, which the church considers “immoral.”

Such provisions go against established church doctrine and puts the social fabric of the mainly Catholic Philippines in peril, said Father Melvin Castro, head of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life.

“We can’t simply follow what the world wants us to do,” he told reporters.

Say what? That’s because you’re living in another planet, Father. Or perhaps, I’m just living in another country. This is the Philippines after all, what did I expect? There is just no reasoning with people who look at the world through stained-glass windows. Was I actually expecting that we do the sensible thing?

I suppose the tragedy is that I was. And the comedy is that this really doesn’t change anything.


All of this is just odd. Just when things were getting better with all these talks about peace talks. Apparently, it’s over before it even begins. What a deal breaker.


Don’t people see that threatening to deny people communion is nothing less than spiritual blackmail? Just a thought, in case you didn’t realize it yet. This is why I don’t trust religion.


Look at these interesting bits I found in the CBCP website. It doesn’t take a postmodern world view to read between the lines.

From “CBCP pushes alternate version of RH Bill”:

“Instead of the RH bill we are instead proposing another bill that would really address the poverty of our people and promote authentic human development,” he said.

But Castro clarified the role of the Church is just to provide inputs that would help “pro-family legislators” in drafting the bill.

He said they just want to help lawmakers and provide them with necessary information to make the bill “morally acceptable.”

“It should not be labeled as a Catholic Church bill,” said Castro.

Family Media Advocacy spokesperson Atty. Jo Imbong said the initiative is a common effort of some lawmakers and pro-life groups “so that all the dimensions of human development is considered.”

I like that. “Provide them with necessary information.” Sounds so benign. Then they screw it up by saying “It should not be labeled as a Catholic Church bill.” Defensive much? Nice bit with the families. So why haven’t you been listening to the advice the world has been giving on all the dimensions of human development? (Points to the genius Fr. Melvin Castro and what he said a while ago.)

Oh, you’ll love the next one. Further down the article,

The church has always wielded clout on issues like the promotion and use of condoms or the legislation of divorce. Politicians then tend to be wary of going against Church teachings for fear of losing votes.

This is in the CBCP website? OH MY GOD.


I’ve also had it with 81-year old nuns claiming to be an authority on sex. What would she know? Please, stop embarassing yourself.

And the Church loves to manufacture fake ‘social science’ studies claiming that a reproductive health bill would lead to promiscuity. What do you expect an associate professor of theology teaching at the UST to say?

Here’s some real social science. Borrowing from

Study from British Medical Journal, 7/2005: “Making emergency hormonal contraception available over the counter does not seem to have led to an increase in its use, to an increase in unprotected sex, or to a decrease in the use of more reliable methods of contraception.”

Studies of women in their teens revealed that there was no difference in sexual behaviors between those who had advance access to EC and their peers who did not, there was no difference in their use of other contraception techniques besides EC, and most importantly, there was no increase in unprotected sex.

Additionally, there are studies that show that young women who are better educated about contraception delay the onset of sexual activities until later in life—decreasing promiscuity—and are better at using contraception when they do become sexually active.

PRI (“The Contracepted Society,” a definitive articulation), HLI, Valerie Riches of UK’s Family & Youth Concern in a pamphlet published by HLI

The number of teenage pregnancies has continued to drop over the past 10 years as contraceptive knowledge and prevalence has increased.

The AMA supports condom use for the prevention of HIV infection and other STIs.

The ACOG supports the use of IUDs as safe and effective birth control.

The FDA says condoms could save your life, and advocates their use in preventing STIs and pregnancy.

After years of claims that condoms do not protect against HPV, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine proves that condoms are very helpful for preventing it.

Condom availability contributed directly to a decrease in sexualy activity among teens in several studies.


“Although some church officials like to refer to themselves as pastors, in this case the people are not sheep.” – Fr. John J. Carroll, S.J., of the Institute of Church and Social Issues on the SWS Survey showing that public support for the RH Bill will grow with more information available.

That coming from a Catholic social scientist.


8 thoughts on “Philippine Catholic Church headed for obsolesence

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen you this angry before. Hahaha.

    But you do have a point. I can’t understand why they are against it, and the arguments they presented are too impractical.

    But I think the problem is that there is no one campaining for the RH Bill. At least, none that I know of.

  2. Yes. I’ve cooled down now. Feels good.

    Well, Tina, there are campaigns on both sides. The anti side just happens to be louder. Much louder.

  3. I for one believes that the Bishops are in the wrong for preaching outside the Catholic church premises and I’m a Catholic.

    If history in this country has taught as anything that is that the Catholic church would always have influence, in spiritual matters and yes, in issues like this one.

    They see themselves as vanguards of morality, this I understand but the biggest issue confronting the church today is not condoms but the decrease in church attendance. This Catholic nation need a revival from within.



  4. How is a contraceptive that prevents fertilization from occurring be considered an abortive? An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus (or an embryo in the earlier stage of gestation) from the uterus, resulting in or caused by the death of the fetus or embryo. Since the UID and condoms prevent the fertilization from occurring there is no pregnancy thus there can NOT be an abortion.

  5. We need to support the passage of the RH bill, To enhance the growth
    conrtol of our population,and educating our community about Fnancial
    Family Planning. Because we can see that majority of our population are
    financially corrupt, Not only we are populating our country, but we are
    cluttering it.”GOD”said in Gennesis. be Multiply but be
    with out action is dead.”JESUS”said in Mathew. Be aware before generation
    many religeous righteous,or false prophet will come,manny will be corrupt,
    and many will suffer.They will try to figure “ME” out base upon their own
    undrestanding,they will condem many by my sake, Just like when they
    persecuted “ME”at the Cross with their own religion (or Ligalistic Mentality)
    They appear so beautifull outward, But inside they are full of dead mens
    bone.No one comes to the “FATHER” EXCEPT TO ME”. By Grace you are
    Save, Not of your own good works or goodness. If 90 percent of our
    population dont have “GODLY” Moral Principle, or clear Biblical knowledge
    90 percent will be corrupt. Depart from “HIM”our worse enemy live inside
    us. History is “GOD”story. If you think the religeous righteous, the politcial
    power,and the people power will save the world you must be corrupt.
    our form of government,or our form of leadership is base upon “GOD”
    standard.Hindi tayo humuhinga sa mundong ito nang dahil sa ating dangal.
    Pride,Ego,Popularity,Self Righteousness,This are the greatest sin in the
    “BIBLE”. Be aware who you vote, because it will return back to you.

  6. some of the contracetive devices are indeed abortifacient, case in point, the IUD which makes the uterus a hostile environment for the zygote, thus preventing implant, and effectively killing it

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