Brace yourselves for P88/liter oil! (Plus, billboard bags!)

Oh my. This article has me absolutely terrified. In an entry a month ago, I said I was ready to spend P1000 a week on my gasoline. If oil continues to be at pace to hit $200/barrel, our pump prices will climb to P88/liter (our prices rise by 35 centavos for every $1), I’ll have to put aside P1400 to P1500 a week. Scary. I hope living with this is as simple as riding the MRT to work instead; but oil prices touch on everything else. I suddenly feel so underpaid.

Now for some good news. I’m sure a lot of us are in agreement on how ugly our billboards are. Well, this report by CNN is refreshing: a thoughtful group has created a new business from transforming the disposed tarpaulin into bags! Watch the report here.

Can they make oil out of it too? Heh.



  1. bicycles are the way!! 😛

    i’ve been riding mine ever since gas hit $4 per gallon. i enjoy losing body fuel more than money on car fuel.

    anyhow, man, you’ve really become quite the professor! reminds me of ross in friends 😛 hope everything is fine with your rachel as well.

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