Riding off to the sunset… for the fourth time

Now that the summer break is almost upon us (we teachers have a week after Holy Week to do clearance), I’m not too sure how often I’ll be blogging here. It’s official: the past school year burned me out. I’m more exhausted than I’ve ever been and I can’t point to a single cause. Now, everything I’ve done and tried to do is catching up with me and it isn’t a pretty feeling. I am entitled to just lounging around too, right? I’d like to do just that for quite a while…

This blog became such a big stressor over the past year. Next school year, I’ll have to be more practical about this. For sure, there will be no more Wu Wei X nor will I attempt a class game of any sort. I know now that it’s not my thing and so it will be suicide if I try again. But I do have plans for a very simple credit system which will reward those who submit ahead of time and do more than what is required.

Requirements will be more standardized next year as well. Regular quizzes are returning. All periodic exams will be multiple choice, and there will be two long tests per quarter — an objective, identification type and a free form essay. I’d like all the eight sections to be unified when it comes to projects (we’ll try to resurrect Asian Spirits) , and there will be more oral presentations too.

So no more journal? Let’s just say that the History Book Project is unique to ’10 in the same way Pisay Meets World was unique to ’09. So for now, no plans to require the journal again.

I’m returning to the letter mark system I adopted for all my batches except ’10 because I feel that I am able to more accurately grade their works that way. I personally feel that it’s tougher to call a 1.00 from a 1.25, but easier to call an A+ from an A.

Moreover, I’m going to downplay expectations this year. I now feel that I became a victim of my own ‘reputation’ as I tried to jump through hoops every time. Eventually, it wasn’t fun anymore. (I think that is what killed it.) I have to remind myself that I’m not here to impress anyone but that I have a job to do. Next year is about doing that job right.

This summer will be odd for me. While I hope to take the next big step in my life, I will expect that I won’t. Recent events have convinced me that it is the healthier and less stressful option to assume that I’ll be staying on next school year. Yes, I have plans to leave but my fate is out of my hands. Let’s expect the worst and hope for the best. For now, I’ll take a break then let’s build a better school year.


9 thoughts on “Riding off to the sunset… for the fourth time

  1. *applauds* Good luck, sir! I think (although my only basis is this blog) you’ve gotten really ambitious in your teaching style even after we moved on to third year. Which is amazing considering that even back then we thought you were…a little grandiose in your class schemes. xp Of course it was all incredibly fun, but it also meant more work for everyone – especially you. You deserve a little watering-down. 😀

    we’ll try to resurrect Asian Spirits
    THUMBS UP – Asian Spirits was one of my funnest experiences in all of second year, to be frank. I loved it :D. Asian Spirits >>> everything else, haha!

  2. Thanks! I’m definitely watering down. I miss Asian Spirits too. We’ll try to make it part of Humanities Week. 🙂

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