Must read: Conrado de Quiros’s “Four” and “Hero”

Conrado de Quiros just hit two home runs recently.

First is an article on the “heroism” of Lozada. He answers critics who say that Lozada is not a hero for he was once part of the web of corruption, that he was not a willing witness, and that he only testified because he had no other way out. De Quiros answers these challenges with a thesis he simply beat me to: that these only make Lozada an even greater hero.

Read “Hero” by Conrado de Quiros

Second details his four responses to some of the most popular reasons for why we should keep President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in power: there is a threat on her life, we don’t want to derail the economy, there is no alternative to her, we will get Noli. This is perhaps the best article De Quiros has written in well over a year. His poison-tipped pen hits harder than ever.

Read “Four” by Conrado de Quiros


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