So this is what “On the up and up” means…

I’ve been sick since yesterday. Just a fever but my body aches all over. I hope it isn’t something worse. For the past week, I’ve been feeling like something bad was about to happen to my body and I just thought it was the lack of exercise. Ironically, it may have been the badminton game last Friday that did me in. I’ve never really played singles games but enjoyed the heck out of it then. I must have burned 2000 calories at least and I guess it was that surge of energy that has now left me vulnerable to whatever it is that’s plaguing me.

But I really can’t complain. The Tao does strange and wonderful things. After our badminton game, my good friend and I met up with a girl friend of his, and her friend hooked me up with her friend. Not a bad night. We had Thai food (my favorite!), I got to appreciate Max Brenner, had some Krispy Kremes (you now how I feel about Krispy Kreme…), I got a book I was looking for (check out the sidebar for the recent book I finished) and tasted the best cupcakes in the Metro. But somehow, when everything ended, my mind was still on my badminton game — how good it was and how I discovered an excellent brand of shuttlecocks in the process. I suppose that speaks a lot about the date, but nothing is wasted. Dates are social activities first and foremost, and we can definitely say that for those hours, we lived in the here and now.

So here’s a little something for you, Rob.


Anyway, being stuck at home now isn’t as bad either. Sure, I hate the feeling of not being able to move as quick or as precise, but it has given me more time to relax and enjoy the smaller things. I’ve just finished a book and am about to finish more. I finally caught some sleep, so now I can do some light work. While my brain is firing on all cylinders, it’s aware enough to tell me to slow down. I finally have time to write all those recommendation letters, fix my MP3 collection and download new stuff. I also played my first video game in months, so that’s something. Then I’ll sleep again when the meds start taking effect. I hope to back to fighting form tomorrow.

So there. I just thought I’d chime in to tell you all how I’m doing. May all of you be well too.


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