When the blog becomes the blogger, a note on personal blogging

Over the past months, I purged all my personal blogs. Friends asked me where it all went and how I could just let it go. Truth be told, personal blogging just felt impersonal for me. I just felt that it was all contrived — me writing in a style that is “less verbose” and writing about things which I don’t really think of or feel, but have to write about for the sake of calling it personal. It felt weird. After all, what could be more personal than me talking about the work I love to do? It’s simple as that.

I liken all those blogs I’ve had to layers of skin. Think of an onion. As it matures, more and more layers are added to it and as it grows, the outermost skin crisps, dries and becomes inedible. Yet we can still eat that onion. All we have to do is to peel away the layers and work our way to its juicy core. This blog is the juicy core. The sole survivor. The chosen one.

I could relate this to the concept of puh or inner nature in Taoism. We are who we are at our simplest and most effortless. It is from there we derive our full potential and power. Of all the blogs I’ve had a hand in, this felt the easiest to maintain. It also turned out to be the most fruitful and rewarding one. So why waste my time talking about love lives, lost friends and non-existent exes? That simply isn’t cathartic; it’s chiropractic.

Every blog is a personal one anyway, regardless of what topic you talk about. As long as it is about something that matters to you, you’re honest, and you write the content yourself, you really can’t get more personal than that.


2 thoughts on “When the blog becomes the blogger, a note on personal blogging

  1. I feel exactly the same way. I abandoned all other blogs a while ago and am now trying to start up one that’s just what you’re talking about.

  2. Perhaps this is the answer I’ve been looking for. I’ve been struggling this past few months whether to create new blogs or just consolidate them in one.

    Besides, I’m not that good in updating more than 3 blogs on a regular basis.

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