On my way back from Bangkok, Thailand!

I’ve actually been out of town since November 1. All the entries posted after October 31 were written well in advance.

As you read this, I am currently on vacation with my family. We have chosen to go to Bangkok, Thailand this year and I am excited for it since it will be my first time. It is a country rich with history and has been the center of one of the most powerful and most advanced pre-modern states in Southeast Asia — the 14th century Ayutthaya. I hope to learn as much as I can before I make my way back to the Philippines on the afternoon of the 4th.

My pack is actually filled up with books. On the way to Bangkok, I read up on Thailand’s history so that I could get a good feel of what I’m about to get into. It’s really comforting to know the history of a new place since it allows me to form a connection with it and thus I won’t feel much of a stranger in a strange land.

I haven’t been blogging or twittering in Thailand as I decided to leave all this behind. I plan to enjoy this vacation and sink my teeth (Thai food is the best!) into a new culture and place. I am also beginning my very first travel journal, thanks to Peter Hessler‘s inspiration. Hopefully, I’ve written well beyond the first chapter by now.

I will be on my way home this afternoon just in time for work tomorrow. I hope to finally have an update on my South Korea trip so that I could plan well. This next week may or may not be my last full week for the quarter, and so I can’t emphasize the importance of planning ahead. If I have more time, I’ll definitely share about my Thailand trip. Will I have ridden an elephant? We’ll see. Regardless, see you all soon!



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