Overworked, underpaid — on a Sunday.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m just stating an observation. This is why the teaching profession — while noble — isn’t seen as an enviable career path by many.

I’m currently on a break from work. I’ve been at it since 8AM this morning and thus far, I have accomplished the following things:

Finished checking the exams of Adelfa, Camia and Dahlia. Done checking up to part one of the exams for Ilang-Ilang and Rosal. I plan to check part two tomorrow before my first class at 2:30. The exams are still unrecorded and may be open to corrections. That is what we will do tomorrow and Tuesday.

Devised a new and faster way of checking my students’ journals. The average checking time has gone down from 3.5 hours to 2. How did I do it? I introduced a simple rubric system — duh! — which will give them instant feedback. This is also a good time to introduce it since we’re taking our journal writing up one notch towards writing history.

With that new system, I finished checking Rosal, Ilang-Ilang and Camia. I hope to be done with Adelfa tonight and should get started with Dahlia.

I’m trying to get as much work done by tomorrow. If I feel like it, I may even marathon all I have left to do. Starting tomorrow, my students turn in their long test. Having said that, there are several things I have left to do.

Prepare their handout entitled “The Science of History”. The 2nd semester will begin like the 1st.

Prepare a home movie list. Starting this quarter until the end of the school year, students can turn in movie reviews for bonus credit. This is also a good way to take advantage of our upcoming breaks and vacations.

Make some adjustments for Wu Wei to help it gain some new momentum. There will be some changes in how my students level up, making the entire thing far more competitive.

Oh well. Break time is over. We’re having dinner soon but I hope to squeeze in a journal or two. Later!


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