Living life in Blogtime, the secret life of a multitasking teacher

I just realized how time consuming blogging is.

I often arrive home from work before 6PM and the first thing I do is clear out my e-mail and do maintenance on the blog. Then I begin writing down some drafts for either this blog, my personal blog or my bulletin blog. This blog often gets the most attention. I’d put it at 70% – 20% – 10% attention on average, respectively .

By the time we have dinner at 7PM, I have posted a quick announcement or two. Dinner is a sacred activity where we eat together as one family with no distractions from our cellphones, TVs and computers. After I’m done eating by 7:30, I’m back on the blogosphere to write my major piece for the night which I publish in completed form by around 9:00 to 9:30. Of course, good blog entries take time. They’re not just text; they’re images, links, titles, tags and categories too. All those take time. Then after publishing, I proofread a bit and go through some more last minute maintenance, then I’m done by around 10PM.

By that time, I begin to fall asleep. I shower off the day before I finally cozy up to a book. Lately, it has been River Town by Peter Hessler.

However just before I drift off to sleep, I realize that I haven’t touched a single one of my students’ journals. Then add to that just now, my students’ periodic exams. It will be a miracle if I get to accomplish all these by Monday.

It would be so convenient to blame blogging for the lack of ‘actual’ work done. Thing is, blogging has become work — and I love it! It is now a virtual classroom I enjoy since I get to talk about stuff I don’t touch on in class, and present our lessons in ways much easier to process.

Nonetheless, ‘actual’ work remains to be done. The solution? Just time management really. I can neglect my personal and bulletin blogs for a while, and turn down the heat a bit here on AKOMISMO. I’ll make it a point to write only when I’m inspired to write (which is most of the time, to be honest), and do as much work as I can before I blog. I may also extend my work day a bit and begin blogging at 10PM. However, by then the majority of my students are either off to sleep or deep into their homework; so there goes my primary audience.

And no, I can’t check beyond 10PM either. I find it difficult to concentrate then and can’t promise to give my work the 100% focus it deserves. Sigh. This is why we all end up multitasking and cramming. My mornings are relatively free from 7:30 to 9:00 but then I like my mornings slow.

Sigh. We do live 56 hour days, but we’re still just one.


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