Conquering the self through Yoga

This morning, I joined my mom attend her Yoga class at Gold’s Gym Glorietta. She thought it would do me some good and she’s right! It was my first time to try the exercise and all I have to say is this — I’m making it a regular part of my Saturday!

A word that literally means “to yoke”, Yoga is a physical, mental and even spiritual exercise designed for one to master the self. Physically, it enhances blood circulation, air flow and flexibility. I never thought it was possible to work up a sweat just by slowly breathing, but Yoga proved me wrong.

Mentally, Yoga will require you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. You’ll be surprised how much you can do just by focusing on how much you inhale and exhale. And spiritually, Yoga will bring you into a higher state of consciousness. The final ten minutes or so was devoted to silent meditation, and the moment our instructor said “to forget the past, present and the future” it was incredible to feel at one instant both emptiness and completeness.

Through the one hour exercise, your control over your breathing will translate into mastery over your body, and that in turn will translate into the conquest of the self. It is an amazing exercise which I hope would find its way into schools since I think this will be great for students who just have too much to stress over.

So for my first session, I didn’t do too bad. There were some poses which I found difficult — sorry if I can’t name them, I have yet to learn their names — such as those that involved lifting my legs outstretched to the sides while sitting on my buttocks, or having my head completely between my legs. Heh. I’ve got a long way to go!

With having tried Yoga now, what I’d like to do next is Tai Chi. With a sword.



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