“Untouchable”, a comment on Willie Revillame, Joey de Leon, and their noontime cults

The 2007 Wowowee controversy (click here for my comments on the 2006 Wowowee controvery) is quite a hot topic in the blogosphere and I won’t weigh in much more on the conspiracies. Did he cheat or not? Other people can answer that question better than I can, and thus I’d leave it to those with the talent or the time.

I suggest a quick browse through Filipino entertainment and community blog, Mukamo, for a summary of the incident. Or you can use the following summary of events courtesy of YouTube:

1. There is an incident in the August 20 episode of Wowowee in the new segment called “Wilyonaryo”. A vodcaster explains how it can be fraudulent.

2. Willie Revillame responds to cheating allegations hurled at him by Joey de Leon. He cries on national TV, claiming that the issue was taken personally against him.

3. August 30, Joey de Leon fires back telling him to explain before he complains. This video explains the entire issue and provides some great commentary from Mr. De Leon. Towards the end, Mr. Revillame offers his rebuttal, saying that he needs no investigation since he has the people behind him.

This article published today by the Philippine Daily Inquirer summarizes this exchange quite nicely as well. And this video, which we can’t embed unfortunately, compiles most of the key videos too.

I have suspended all judgments in my quick account above, and it wasn’t easy (especially with #2). However, now I comment on what I find the most glaring remark of all — that Mr. Revillame believes that he doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone since he has the people behind him.

Which people, Mr. Revillame?

Last year, I wrote that it is utterly dangerous when we leave poverty alleviation in the hands of charlatans. We gambled with people’s lives. This year, I’d like to conjure another image. Are you all familiar with the Pied Piper of Hamelin?

He was asked by the town to get rid of all their rats which he then lured into a river through the power of his tune. When the town failed to pay him, he took their children instead and they were never seen again.

There are many theories about this story. One of my favorites is that the Pied Piper was actually a cult leader who recruited youth to fight for his cause — whatever that was. Regardless, the story always ended the same.

The people never saw their children again.

What worries me is that this latest round of controversies, amplified by the exchange between Revillame of ABS-CBN and De Leon of GMA only reinforce the cult-like behavior of these noontime shows.

Actually, this latest round even gave them a religious character: they both have their doctrines (magsasaya at yayaman tayo!), their rituals (in the form of games), norms (money, money, money) and a community of believers (just watch the videos and observe how loyal their Revillame’s and De Leon’s audiences are). And I suppose, it doesn’t take much to imagine how these hosts are seen as Messiahs as well.

The tragedy is that the state of our society is reflected in our entertainment. What networks and stations broadcast reflect our values and vices. Whether or not the incident was actual cheating or merely a technical glitch is a small issue for me. The persistence of these shows with its emphasis on false hopes and manipulations of will is the real dilemma we are meant to solve.

While we can’t deprive the people of hope and entertainment, I am in constant disbelief that the media — with all its power, breadth and influence — can’t go beyond this mode of thinking. But of course, money talks. The real tragedy is that in an era badly in need of nation-building, we have a media landlocked in station-building.



50 thoughts on ““Untouchable”, a comment on Willie Revillame, Joey de Leon, and their noontime cults

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  2. All Joey is asking for Willy is an explanation of the Aug 20 incident at wilyonaryo’s game at wowowee… Why are there two numbers and films inside the box? The 1st is zero and the other is 2? How did that happen?

    Just be straight to the point and no more cover-ups for Willie just to mislead the issue… No more crying w/o tears please…Ang sagwa eh…

  3. This whole thing is petty. The bottome line…is Joey wants Wowwowee gone, because for the first time, Eat Bulaga knew that they are in big trouble. See how they reformatted their show?…in the likeness of Wowowee?…They improved their show, though the people still wear the same clothes they wore the night before (looks like it)..They tried to copy WoWWowee and when they couldn’t they got a chance to pin Willie down because of some show glitches.
    Why Did Willie said that he does not have to explain, it’s because it’s not worth it…Joey and the gang are most vicious people in TV sinnce I left the country in 1982. They goet away with comments, and then he would say, : joke only..”. Was that Pepsi Paloma who they got in toruble @ Sulu Hotel, years ago? They never learned.
    If you live in the US, and you were able to see Phil through shows put up by ABS-CBN, you would know how Willie had influenced all of us here. There are dayas, we know, but EB does it too. They coached contestants to win when they feel like it, or they would choose a difficult question for contestants who they know would hardly answer it right. Why can’t they not just pick a question from a jar, so there would not be dayas. Same as the WILYONARYO, they accepted that there were glitches, they assured the public that they don’t chaet people, so what’s the big deal?…People are getting so jealous of Willie’s millions, and populariy, that’s how show business is..now you’re here, next week , your’re gone. Let him savor the stardom…
    Joey made it so bad, because he is a sore loser…He is just like that, and his humor is abnoxious…he is an old comedienne and he knows that pretty soon, he needs to retire..

    Emma T Baltqazar, MD

  4. Wowowee exists because of Eat Bulaga. Lahat naman ng contests sa show ni Willie ay kopya sa Eat Bulaga. Hwag na ikumpara ang dalawa. Eat Bulaga has proven a lot over the years that they are the longest noontime show and nobody surpasses that. Wowowee is a “hakot” type of show. Gumagamit lang ng sobrang pangangailangan ng mahihirap para makuha lang ang simpatya ng mga ito. Kung pumayag lang noon ang channel 2 na may stay ang Eat Bulaga sa kanila eh di sana di na sila hirap ngayon sa panghahakot ng televiewers.

    Joey is a genius while Willie still has long ways to go to get Joey’s level of talent.

  5. Willie tigilan mo na ang “paawa” effect mo. Gasgas na yan. Pareho lang naman kayo ng EB na tumutulong sa mahihirap kaya di mo na kailangan pang i emphasize yan. NUff SAid.

  6. I agree with Emma Balthazar’s post. There was no reason to raise any allegation of cheating. The intent of Joey is to slander and confuse. Kill off your competitors like what they’ve done for decades. Parang lumang politiko whose intent is to preempt any opposition.
    I am disgusted with GMA-7 mgmt for allowing such tactics. They will never break into the international market like TFC because of vile tactics.
    As for Tony Stark’s comments about Wowowee copying from Eat Bulaga. Copying is not a fault. Copying and not improving is.
    I can say that Eat Bulaga can’t copy Willie’s respectful treatment of poor folks and equal treatment of women. That change requires a change of heart in Tito, Vic and Joey.

  7. All are just showbiz and a game of perception…. a battle for ratings & viewer’s eyeballs to make their product more sellable & profitable.
    Both network including talents of both rival programs are known to me. They all have their own quirks, airs, biases & idiosyncrasies but still find a common battleground – their program. Of which they have to protect at the end of the day. If you will look back, both programs have been diffusely sniping at each other the longest time, way back ABSCBN several noontime program reinvention thru metamorphosis of different program title with similar program concept, host’s lingo/side comments, etc. Despite so, Eat Bulaga just continues to roll with being king of noontime shows the past 40 years or so.
    Programming threat is constant to both; reinvention, changes must continue to preserve if not secure viewers. A very common phenomena in TV programming, just like in all other businesses only in different applications.
    In both‘s efforts to sell, Willy showed how moron & inexperienced he is in having committed that blunder of which the other camp obviously took into advantage. And to make things even worst, Willy opened his show defensively & directly throwing the first punch on air coupled with crocodile tears which was so unnatural, ‘pilit’and his usual ‘pasaway’ self that even a senior executive in the network admitted Willy lost control of and got so emotional about; In contrast to Joey’s on air reply next day which was cool, unassuming yet in his usual sarcastic self. In this game of perception, rational viewers may have found Joey more credible since he stuck to the facts sans a strong show of emotions.
    I think the real sad part of all is that while this type of programs continues to do battle, the viewers are still enjoying and have obviously taken sides in a cult –like fashion. Viewers are very much caught in this program or even network wars that seem to have cultivated a ‘cult’ type of audiences.
    And to borrow with pride the blogger’s line –“in an era badly in need of NATION building, we have a media landlocked in STATION building”. While this may not totally apply to all media in general and is meant only for the two noontime shows, I still fully agree with the statement.
    This recent controversy should be another wake up call for network authorities to look deeply in determining the real value their program communicates and promotes. It is now prime time to give back viewers what they truly deserve – pure, clean, scandal -devoid entertainment during difficult times.

  8. What has gotten heated me the most is when Ms.Vidanes, who happens to be the head president of ABS-CBN (or is she?), stated that there was no cheating whatsoever when it was very clear to everyone that Willie cheated. Everyone has seen it, detail by detail, on YouTube.com. She must step down as a president because she’s obviously an idiot who doesn’t know how to take care of major responsibilities in the position. She better be thankful that she’s not working here in NYC because if she is, the executives will fire her right then & there. Stupid ABS-CBN! Bow down to Joey De Leon…I love you Joey!!

  9. The guy is already making peace…He has the very good gut to do this, that;s how he handles this kind of war…He didn;t realize that the more he gets into Joey’s antic, the more he will get in trouble…Now, Joey is not ready to amend?…There’s nothing to forgive Willie for…Joey is a VERY PATHETIC GOOD-FOR-NOTHING OLD MAN.
    AS i told you all, this whole thing is petty…Joey just made it big to aggravate Willie, and Willie responded. Joey was just riding on….Willie’s popularity.
    Nothing good will come out of this petty quarrel. They are soooooo old to go through this kind of war words. Joey needs to think of being good to people because, it’s just a matter of time for him. Willie, on the other hand slowed down already with his brute-like manners.
    In the end, they are 2 great entertainers who survived many storms and ALWAYS, Filipinos are forgving and forgetting people. Nothing we could do anyway, we depend on them,,,,to get enteratined…
    MORE POWER to WowoWee…We love you Willie…We really don’t care about MANILA/PHIL rating..we care about the North American love of Wowowee, Don’t get me wrong, we all have the EB as well….but Wowowee is not even an inch to get compared about, in quality, in people, in their manners, in the way they dress (EB people come, to the show as if they just got up from sleep…the women don’t even fix their hair, they come with mis-matched clothes. If you go to work to entertain, you do it with class, not just for the sake of killing time…..Their jokes are abnoxious. The only person I like to watch is Chuchay, when I was watching the EB…but she is no longer there..
    See why Joey rode on Willie’s…to get the people’s attention, and to get their rating back… that’s all that matters to them….

  10. bakit ba loyal kayo sa eat bulaga na wala namang filipino values na matutunan kundi mga kabastosan. we can not condemn willie for such a mistake than favoring a devilish-hypocrit-old man joey

  11. ms Emma, im on your intelligent and just side…
    willie is a good man and has no intention of cheating people. marami lang insecure kay willie dahil di nila matanggap na sikat si willie. kaya si joey, ang hari ng kabastosan, pumapasok sa eksena!!!!!!!!

  12. are you people blind? can’t you see that the game (wilyonario) was rigged? wake up, the incident was caught live on national tv, for crying out loud…

  13. both of them are idiots actually – that’s my personal opinion.

    for willie, i would have come out clean and explain the damn thing because honestly, joey made a great debate point. but damn, what’s with the cry cry? you don’t do that sympathy shit?! you gotta explain!

    for joey – he’s one lousy unprofessional human being! he has to give willie the benefit of the doubt and he should have not mocked the cry cry whatever

    kaya BOTH of them are actually losers in this case because it’s all about ratings and you know exactly what that means – higher ratings translates to more advertising revennues = in other words MONEY.

    gahaman parehas sila!

  14. I find some of the comments funny… irrational and entertaining…

    Stick to the facts! Prior to Willy’s Crying Hard incident, there was no mention from Joey that Willy rigged the show. He simply mentioned there was cheating on some TV game shows… if Willy reacted to it, then he must have been guilty! 😛

    If I were Joey, I’d file a case against Willy. Para matuto. I think Willy was fed with lies by some of the people from his camp. He should have reviewed everything that was said or written prior to giving slanderous statements in national TV.

    ABS CBN on the other hand should have cut short Willy’s Crying Hard incident… it was like a badly written telenovela. Kaya tuloy nabobo ang pinoy eh… kala nya lahat pwede daanin sa pa awa at drama drama lang.

  15. Mga uto-uto…
    ilang beses na kayong nagpapa-uto kay willie. obvious naman na plastic siya. umiyak lang siya sa tv, naawa na kayo. namigay lang ulit siya ng pera after the scandal, “napatawad” na agad ninyo siya. hindi entertainment ang habol ng tao sa show niya. Pera. mas malaki ang ibinibigay nila kasi humihigop sila ng pera sa TFC. at ito namang mga bakasyonistang TFC subscribers, makita lang sila sa TV na naka-bling-bling at mas mukhang mayaman kesa sa mga ibang contestants, tuwang-tuwa nang mamahagi ng dolyares. pakiramdam nila, nakakatulong na sila. oo, nakakabuhat ng isa o tatlong meals ang ibinibigay nilang dolyares, pero pagkalabas ba ng studio, nililingon nila yung mga mahihirap na contestants? may effort ba sila para tulungan further yung mga umiiyak sa hirap? wala. wala. wala.
    kung tutuusin, entertainment (dapat) ang habol ng tao pareho sa EB at Wowowee.pero sa hirap nga ng buhay, both shows of the huge networks decided to add up another variable for people to watch them more often.PERA. Sugal. nakakatulong nga naman. Pero nakakalungkot kung ito na lang palagi ang dahilan. nakakalungkot kung ito na lang palagi ang inaabangan ng tao. kasi wala na itong pagkakaiba sa show ng PCSO para makuha ang mga winning lotto numbers.
    ngayon, tanungin ninyo? between these two shows, sino ang mas maraming segments na ang purpose ay entertainment, instead of gambling? (kung magkaiba tayo ng sagot, either ikaw si willie or si Emma Baltazar,hehe).
    at mas walang makakasisi kay joey. kahit pa intensiyon niyang siraan ang wowowee, totoo pa rin yung accusation niya. nandaya pa rin si willie/ang wowowee. kuhang-kuha ng camera. at naisip na ba ninyo kung ilang beses na kayang nangyayari ito? baka kahit before nung Ultra incident, may mga ganitong pangyayari na.
    (AT PLEASE: Stop comparing Wowowee to EB. This should not even be debatable.)
    at ito ang PINAKAMALUNGKOT: after all these events, may nakaisip na ba sa inyo nito:ano ang pakiramdam nung contestant na dinaya/nadaya siya ni willie? kung kayo ang nasa kinalalagyan niya, “Pappie” mo pa rin ba si willie? paano kung 5 years nang pumipila sa harap ng ABS-CBN yung contestant na yun, tapos after niyang makuha yung sa opportunity na yun, ganito pa ang mangyayari?

    (kay Emma Baltazar: sori po, but after reading your comments, i came into a conclusion na kung hindi ka writer ng ABS/Wowowee, isa kang TFC subscriber na hindi pa nakakapunta sa Wowowee para manood ng live show, para kumaway sa camera, at para mag-abot ng dolyares sa mga naghihirap nating kababayan; at takot kang mawala yung opportunity na makita ka ng mga kamag-anak mo sa Tate, hehehe. Ingat pauwi, kabayan!)

  16. Willie is shifting blame, from the UNDENIABLE irregularity that occurred, to being “hurt” by comments. HOY! Imbes na baguhin ang dapat bigyan tuonan, wag kalimutoan ang pinagmulan nito.

    Ang pagbabaliktad ng bintang ay palatandaan rin ng mga nanakit at nambubugbog ng asawa…..

  17. Hello to all kababayans in the US led by Emma MD.
    It’s great that you guys are still in the loop somehow on what’s happening back home thru programs that TFC or Pinoy TV carry. Mabuhay kayo and good that you have an outlet everytime you miss home.

    May tanong lang po ako. While I respect your decision to work abroad due whatever reason, do you think Pinas will be a better place to live or work in if only we have values properly in place even in the kind of tv programs Willy & Joey does? I know there are several reasons why Pinoy values seemed misplace, government or the people alone has a lot to do with it. But focusing on the entertainment issue, do you think media or in this case the TV personalities involved can set better examples & help make Pinas a better place?

  18. Noticed that too Posh Missy.
    Either two things aside from what you mentioned. Baka Doc Emma means 1. abnormal ( used a lot in medical terms) kaya abnoxious; or 2. she used a “sounds like approach” then wrote it as heard-di ba sa US may twang o slang ( yung ‘o’ nagiging ‘a’).


  20. Then, I idolize you. I don’t want any of you to be like me, but just to appreciate history in a different way. If you think I’m doing a bad job or feel that I’m not teaching you the history class you want, then feel free to write me and tell me about it. I’d appreciate it. You’re right. You’re not me, and none of you are. I’ve walked my own path and so should you. Thank you for this.

    By the way, you’re a fan of which noontime show?

  21. this is a piece of shit!!! willie revillame is a fucking shit, all they want this fucking joey is an explanation that it fucking willie so the people will be satisfy.

  22. To : “I am not a Sir Martin” commenter

    I must really congratulate you for the wondrous,hall-of-famer style and highly ballistic display of a thought. It’s was really a super perfect example of how ethics & attitude should not be. Great job, specially for yourself!That must be a big achievement for you.

    As bonus, I will have you voted as Best Willy Clone Awardee with automatic inclusion in Willy’s Hall of Shame.

  23. I think n kay Joey De Leon ang problema..eversince, magaling n talaga siya mgparinig s show nya. Nkakapersonal n rin talaga.
    Dumating lng sa time n punong-puno n c willie. Kya nkpagsalita ng ganun…Ng-sorry n c Willie, right? Pero ang gusto n Joey eh magsorry c willie s gusto niyang paraan.. Npakataas naman ng pride niya. Hindi siya mgandang halimbawa s mga nanonood.. Sayang, napakasikat p naman niya para mg-asal siya ng ganun…

  24. Tama ka Iya, pareho silang di magandang halimbawa. At sa larong ginagawa nila,pikon talo- Kapuso o Kapamilya ka man.

    At imagine mo pa pag may tv network na tatawaging-Kabagang o Kadibdib o Kabalunbalunan o Kapinsan, Kakabit o Kamaganak o Kabituka, etc

    Kawawa talaga ay ang mga nanonood…

  25. sa tingin ko nararapat lang na mapalitan na ang mga host sa gma dahil sawa na ang mga ibang tao tulad ko,maiba naman tulad ni sweet yung walang halong pamemersonal sa ibang channel tulad sa mga foreign chanel fox new at cnn parehong nagbabalita pero walang hidwaan na nagaganap.Kung gumawa man ng masama ang isang host sa ibang channel di kailangan ng comment ng kabilang channel dahil di lahat ng pagkakataon ay di magkamali tao lang nagkakamali instead gumawa nalang ng mas nakakabuti para mas higit na makapagpaligaya sa ibang tao na nanonood.Alam ng tao kung ano ang nakita at naririnig mat may sariling pagpapasya kung kailangan pa niyang manood o hindi sa naturang programa diba!…

  26. Tama si Emma. Bully si Joey de Leon. Yung “Jokes” niya ay sunod sunod na mga insulto.

    May dayaan talagang nangyayari sa tv shows. Pero naghahanap lang talaga ng paraan para matanggal ng EB ang WWW. At the end of the day, Joey de Leon is on his own. They are both in show business, pero ang mga decision to keep either one of them are in the hands of the executives.

    Marami nang videos sa YouTube and elsewhere. Pag nakita ng marami na Bully si Joey de Leon, pagsasawaan din siya ng mga tao, whether nangdaya si Willie or not.

  27. Wowowee used to be a hit, and I even liked it. And then Willie, with so many of his “glitches” and “controversies” seems to do the same thing over and over again. He kept saying that the show is for “the people,” but there so many times that they would pick only those people who do look pretty and sexy, to play games in that show. If he’s serious about this “walang dayaan” deal, why not draw numbers instead of judging people to dance or make stupid faces, and therefore embarrassing them in front of the whole world? Oh, and don’t we get sick and tired to listen to his songs? Every single time, he would sing his song that he tries to promote… and I don’t mind, that’s if the guy can actually sing… I may not be a singer, but dang, that guy can’t freaking sing… Unless that’s a part of his act as a COMEDIAN, that I’ve missed! Also, a show that supposed to represent the majority of people is now being use to promote their gigs and albums… there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you divide how much time is being use by these so called helpful stars for their promotion versus the time use to actually helping people, by letting them play the game, it’s unbelievably unfair – and stupid enough that they must cut a game because they went over the time! I don’t know but that doesn’t seem the right thing to do to me! And i’m not just trying to attack Wowowee or this rivalry between the stations, but it’s getting out of control. Make it fair and square! It’s a gamble for those people who want to win money, so why not give each and everyone a fighting chance… against each other. And make it not a chance based on who can dance or sing to his stupid songs! And dude, don’t make foreigners feel bad if they win against others; that’s so freaking low. If you don’t want them to win because you think they do not need the money, then don’t let them play — (oh I forgot, they did stupid faces better than others that’s why they got picked anyway). And if they really want to help those needy people they are claiming to help, why not establish a fund (those money coming from their overcharged subscriptions) and try to seek programs that can actually help those people! That goes to both programs (eat bulaga and Wowowee). There’s way to entertain people without making fun of them; there’s ways to help people without embarrassing them to the whole world! And if Willie is really serious about his goal — then quit wasting time and just help and entertain people without gaining anything! Quit using the air time for your own purposes! I’m sick and tired of your songs, and I’m sick and tired of the way you are abusing your authority! Show some respect to those needy persons. You’re not above them, and when you say that YOU DO RESPECT OTHERS, you got to show it through you actions! I like Wowowee and still do, but it’s starting to go down the sewers because of stupid changes, which rooted from all those controversies. These shows are supposed to entertain us, and that’s why we are paying these ridiculous subscriptions, so we can get a feeling of home away from home. Leave your bullshit behind closed doors. Quit using the airtime for your stupid dramas! If I want to watch drama, I’ll just wait for those sineseryes anyway… Learn some manners, and for those TV stations, hire people with manners! Do your job as entertainers. So, start entertaining!

  28. oitsss!!!joey de leon!nuon p mn ang hlig mo ng mang asar at mgprinig ng kung ano-ano s abs, isa lng nmn ang dahilan kong bakit ka nag kakaganyan! kong hindi ka naiinggit!hindi ka magagalit! en yung sinabi mo kay willie n,”EXPLAIN BEFORE COMPLAIN”hindi na kaylangang mag complain ni willie kasi nag xplain na sya!so’ ano pa ba ang ipag co-complain nya!kong makapag act ka kala mo sino kanang ng hahariharian sa gma7!daig mo pa ang president ng gma7!alam mo 100% sure ako BADING KA NOH?!kong ayaw mong tawagin kang bading ok sige wag nalang,,!ganito nalang….SILAHIS!GUY!BAKLA BINABAE OR ANYTHING!kasi sa ginagawa mong yan!daig mo pa ang mga babae kong makapag putak!putak ka ng potak!dada ka ng dada!ang dami mong sat’sat!ui joey gawain lang yan ng isang babae! sila TITO AND VIC nga na syang tunay na eb hindi manlang magawang makapag mensahe ng mga bad words sa abs!ikaw pa!na saling pusa lang sa eb! kong talaga ngang may GOLD HEART ka,sana hindi ka nalang nag bibigay ng mga bad words na mensahe sa ibang net work!as a matter of fact!maging happy ka kase???!!hindi lang ikaw yung nakakatulong or nakakapag pasaya sa mga tao!diba kaya ka nga ng wowork sa eb para makatulong,hindi para manira ng buhay ng tao!bakit kanga ba? laging nawawala sa eb???kaseeeehhhh!!!lagi kayong nag aaway ni vic sotto!nagtataka lang ako,’kasi napapansin ko,,, bakit yung lagi mong nakakaaway yung mga mabubuting tao?like mel,vic and willie?lahat ng dahilan kong bakit nakaaway mo sila ay ang dahilan ng PAGKAPIKON”asar,talo ka eh!and nagtataka rin ako kong bakit yung lagi mong nakakasundo yung mga bad impluiwence na tao?!lalo na si lolit solis?!master ng dayaan yun diba?! OH’BAKA MAPIKON KA NYAN SA MGA SINULAT KO?WAG MONG PAPATULAN ANG ISANG SULAT O’MSG MAN! PATUNAYAN MO SA MGA TAO NA HINDI KA PIKON!

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  30. boring ang palabas mo willie,mdame ng naiinis c2 sayo,kya huwag magugulat pag sumuntok na TFC sayo jan sa pinas..napaka walang sence ng joke mo…

  31. Willie, stop singing your stupid songs and promoting your them at the same time. Your song sucks and you don’t sing good anyway. Your games are not fair. Stop making people make ugly faces to be on the gameshow.

  32. wowowie is the best primetime show here in phils.the no. 1.. but theres people want to destroy dahil inggit lang cla sa isang game natural ang dayaan and that big issues voice out by joey de lion eh gusto nya lang magpakabida.. all of this things have value and watever happen i got willie that he is strong man. cnakripisyo nya pamilya nya para sa pagtulong sa mga tao and i’m proud of him 4 being wat willie do and help to the filipino people.. d masusuklihan ang kabaetan ni willie maski man ng pumunta xa dito sa bicol lahat ng atensyon ng tao nakita nya eh ung eat bulaga? i like the show of eat bulaga but ang plaplastic ng mga tao dyan and gumagawa cla ng ikakapanera nang kanilang pagkatao.. bagay cla sa mental hospital 100 % yan.. imagine pagtulungan pa ba naman xa ng sa kabilang stasyon ahy naku!! parang wala clang pinag-aralan imbis na tulungan nila kaibigan nila d kaya may manipulasyong ngyayari at ganyan cla.. sav nga nakikita ang totoong kaibigan sa hirap ng kagipitan do u think joey eh totoong tao ka? ang plastic mo alam mong may kakampi sau but the fact is wala ka ngaun sa mata ng dyos.. sana wag kang abutin ng karma ano? sav nga pasaging saging ka pa eh batag ka man sana!! hehehehe nice performance Mr. Joey De Liom hehehe!! nice name… nababagay nga sa isang tulad mo… i’l gve u an award best actor in the pretending role hahaha!!! mas dumami fans ng ABS sa ginawa ni JOey De leon.. mas tumaas pa ang Rating.. i’m one of the fans of ABS CBN.. eversince…

  33. panget kayo pare pareho kayong lahat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GMA at abs-cbn ala kwenta mga mandaraya nag darayaan sa sarili maga bobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! inshort lahat kayo basura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trashhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Would all you klingons quit speaking that tagalog crap. Willie is the greatest!!! I hope he bangs everyone of those girls on his show– except the loud-mouthed old one.


  35. mga monggo ni sa kalahati walang binatbat si willie kay joey.kahit mawala si joey sa tv di sya mawawalan ng trabaho pwede pa syang mag sulat sa dyaryo omag pinta sa canvas or maging komentarista sa radyo ehh si willie pag nawala sa showbiz ano na kaya baka ni pambayad sa taxi wala sya/tama nga sabi ni bossing vic ang baboy soutan mo man ng kutakottakot na ginto baboy pa rin harharhar bato bato sa langit ang tamaan tyak talo

  36. Its a shame for the present ABSCBN for not following the traditions of Eugenio Sr. & Jr. Public welfare over money- now under Mz Charo- Tuta, mukang pera, no care for public welfare.Pinababayaan mapanood ng mga bata ang bastos , manyak, wlang modong si Willie. Ang tagal na inaabuso ni Willie ang lahat- wlang ginagawa c MZ Charo. Nakakahiya kyo . Bka bumangon sa libingan nila sina EUgenio Sr. and Jr. Bkit mukang pera na ba kyo Mz Charo and assungots

  37. parepareho lng kau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bwisit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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