The attack on Sexy Mom: False feminism, if there is such a thing (as feminism)

I got an e-mail from Sexy Mom Dine Racoma about an Anonymous commenter who dropped a bomb on her blog. She — calling herself Decent Mother — called Mrs. Racoma a disgrace to Filipino women because of how she uses the phrase ‘Sexy Mom’ as her internet handle. She claimed that foreign sex predators who Google for Filipinas they can Victimize end up in The D Spot. Thus this reinforces the negative image of Filipinas as sex objects.

For those who don’t know, we in Pisay owe Tita Dine Racoma somewhat. She was one of the first people who picked up on Pisay Meets World, causing it to tip and explode in popularity. But this is not the reason why I’m jumping to Mrs. Racoma’s defense, if you can call this that. I won’t say much more though, since I think her son Ba said it pretty nicely.

All I’ll say is that Decent Mother is coming from a position which she didn’t have to defend on Sexy Mom’s blog. I see where she’s coming from, but her exposition just made her come off as judgmental and ill-informed, as she apparently doesn’t know who Sexy Mom is and what she writes about. If you browse The D Spot, it actually presents a great side of Filipina motherhood and is the complete opposite of the picture Decent Mother has in her mind. And in my mind, Mrs Racoma even redefines sexy as she is a completely techy bloglola in touch with the imaginations of today’s global Filipinos. I strain to see that as a negative image.

This reminds me of something I read in The Te of Piglet — that Eeyore Amazons (ie. feminists) tend to beat sensitivity into people and by doing that, they end up advancing the very masculine energies they intend to squash. They too — like the men they abhor — end up judgmental, rude and insensitive. By asserting the feminine they end up becoming masculine; and they call it Gender Equality. There are great feminists of course (those who celebrate their womanhood and not protest it), but Decent Mother is the perfect example of how one shouldn’t be.



  1. Eeyore Amazons (ie. feminists) tend to beat sensitivity into people and by doing that, they end up advancing the very masculine energies they intend to squash. They too — like the men they abhor — end up judgmental, rude and insensitive.


    A female friend of mine didn’t believe in feminism. She believes that feminism is a paradox: the presence of feminism and the constant need of the feminists to prove their worth only acknowledges that there is an inherent weakness in women.

    Yep, I am aware that I just opened up a can of worms.

  2. now that i bounce back, it is heartwarming to note the positive things that come out of negative situations such as the threats to me for using the pesudonym Sexy Mom–now we are all rallying behind the campaigns for Reshaping the Online and Sexy Image of the Filipina.

  3. I wouldn’t call “decentmother” a feminist. That’s just another label, and it even elevates her rant. No, the views of “decentmother” would be torn to shreds by genuine feminists.

  4. Decent Mom(DM), as she claims she is, is apparently not decent at all. She didn’t even go thru SexyMom’s blog throughly but obviously got scandalized plainly by the handle.

    DM is one of those one track hypocrites and see nothing but naked human parts upon reading the word sexy.

    She probably lacks it…!

  5. Got to read sexy Jane’s “Time to Reclaim”…and once more read a qoute from this alleged Decent Mother.

    Come on DM, you’re so filled with hang-ups. Let loose. Surely Decent Mom needs some Decent Sex!

    Btw, my husband calls me sexy mom too…

  6. i totally agree. it’s weird that feminists want to prove they can do everything men can do. i’ve always been taught equality. we deserve the same treatment and the same opportunites. but i do know that there are just some things guys can do better and some that girls are undeniably better at. knowing what those things are and choosing to excel at them – that is what makes us strong.

    hehe. wala lang. 🙂

  7. Men and women will never be equal. Both think differently, both have different way of thinking, both have different tastes, both have different specialization. How can you make an orange like an “apple”? I do not believe in ‘feminism'(the way the twisted-minded activists interpret it). I just don’t like machistic guys.

    I remember what my Engl teacher once mentioned. If females want absolute equality, they men should not:

    open the doors for women
    should not help women carry baggages
    men should not provide money to his wife
    and the likes….

    The problem with activist-like feminist is that they are promoting ‘female machismo’

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