[Hands that Help Build a Nation] Episode 8: Philippine Association for Media Education

During the 90s, the content and quality of media became a pressing concern. Television was becoming more ubiquitous, and children saw it as an alternative form of education and recreation. Then the late 90s ushered in the MTV generation in the Philippines, aggravating these concerns. At the same time, it cannot be denied how effective media is.

Enter the Philippine Association for Media Education, an organization devoted to making everyone aware of media’s power so that we may maximize its good use. The video above clearly states their vision and mission.

I am very interested to know how this organization has grown into 2007, considering that the media revolution has evolved into an information age. The role of the media, especially the internet these days, is simply unmatched and more difficult to divorce from our daily lives. And with media shaping our political opinions and civic lives, the role of organizations such as this in nation-building cannot be understated.


2 thoughts on “[Hands that Help Build a Nation] Episode 8: Philippine Association for Media Education

  1. help please,,, i am making my thesis,, so i need a related studies and relared literature,,,my thesis title is,,”media literacy and its role in teaching performance of the college professor”,,,i am waiting for your help,,,

    sincerely yours,

    glenn galindo,co

  2. I am teaching media education at St. Paul University Manila (St. Paul University System) this summer term. I am glad to have opened this webpage and learn about this commitment. Very empowering indeed! How can I join PAME? How can I help? Whom do I contact?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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