[Hands that Help Build a Nation] Episode 1: Philippine Institute for the Deaf

Established in the early 90s by Dr. Sergia Esguerra and Julie G. Esguerra MA, the Philippine Institute for the Deaf envisions “happy, productive deaf but speaking individuals in our society living their dreams.”

Special education is no simple feat. This first episode explores their earliest accomplishments, exemplifying the desire of a small group of people to indiscriminately provide opportunity and dreams to all people.

In the society we live in after all, none is more important than your ability to speak up.


4 thoughts on “[Hands that Help Build a Nation] Episode 1: Philippine Institute for the Deaf

  1. I know that helping others has deep roots even in my family. I had 2 Grandparents that worked for years at the Glenwood Iowa State School for the Mentally retarded. I used to love visiting them at work. My oldest sister and her husband stepped into the shoes of my Grandparents and worked at the same school for several years all the while she attended college and became a nurse. She is now a head nurse many many years later in a trauma center. As for myself I was the one to help the elderly in my home town until the testosterone factor kicked in and I had some regretful years of stupidity. I had lost a parent when I was 17. (mother in 1973) I knew at this point in life that life itself was way too short. It appeared to me that we could be called back by our maker at any given moment. Reality had hit home and my father took the loss of my mother quite hard that resulted in his making 4 attempts to take his own life over the next 2 years. So 2 years later after my father was forced to get institutionalized help I joined the US Navy and hardly ever looked back. I looked for ways to not only help people in the Navy but also in the community and from the year 1978 on I have always been involved in helping / mentoring others in many forms. By being able to identify those in need and acting on that I advanced from the lowest to highest enlisted rank. It is so rewarding to reach out and do good things. It is even more rewarding when those you helped begin to help others. I think of it as planting seeds in the soul and watching the garden (person) you cultivated produce good things because of that nurturing.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless you both.


  2. I went to PID last September 23, 2009… and i was really astonished that the school really PROHIBITS the use of the Sign Language but instead they were trained to use the regular or oral speaking language to express themselves… The North Hampton chart is their powerful teaching aid to assist these children with Hearing Impairment and I am happy that such an institution had paved way to support, flourish and further develop the speaking capabilities and potentialities of these exceptional children.

    Hopefully more schools here in the Philippines would put up similar Programs and Institutions for these children who are considered HI but can still progress independently given the appropriate training and educational upliftment.

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