[Hands that Help Build a Nation] Preface: “People Make a Nation Work”

“People Make a Nation Work” is something I’ve learned early on in my life, thanks to my mother. In 1993, she worked as the creative director who spearheaded PLDT’s”Nation Building” campaign which eventually won the Anvil Award in the 90s.

I vaguely remember those ads. Until now they had just been a series of random images: farmers, tribesfolk, soldiers, coral reefs, and one young man teaching a class in the mountains. Each image would then be followed by the words, “People make a nation work.” But those I have never forgotten.

Taking the best of what we’ve learned from the Pisay Meets World project, I am now bringing these ads back to life with two simple goals in mind: that its message reaches a new generation, and that an older one remembers those hopeful times when we all looked forward to Philippines 2000.

This project is a series of 11 episodes running from April 22 to May 12, with one new episode every two days. I welcome everyone to rediscover these clips, share your insights and even contribute your own videos and stories of nation building. This is a project celebrating the spirit of bayanihan in the best way we can here in the Philippine blogopshere!

Indeed, it has been years since these ads came out and between then and today, we’ve seen the promises made and broken, revolutions won and lost. In fact, the challenges of our generation are even greater. I am a big believer in the power of the internet to spread a positive message and I believe that the time has come for all of us to remember.

People make a nation work.

It is my hope that the positive messages in these videos remind us that there are things greater than ourselves. Still, it is our choice to make that difference.


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