Breaking news! Common sense held hostage!

People have been asking for my comment on the hostage thing. I simply refuse to take it seriously.

For one, the kids were fine. The entire thing was staged. They were having fun during their field trip, which was in a bus most of the day. It was all good. This is speculation on my part, but I’m sure Armando Ducat never had the intention to use those fake weapons. (Read report)

Instead, what I found noteworthy of the entire shebang was how well-received Ducat was. The bystanders were cheering. Even the mothers of the hostaged children feel for him. Some can’t help to have bad feelings towards him of course, but the others believed that he what he did, he did for the kids. He loved the kids.

And if there is anything to gleam from the situation, it is that the people who cheered Ducat on not only sympathized with his plight. Sympathy is something you give to wounded animals. What I find more curious is that people understood what Ducat did. It doesn’t take much to hazard a guess that given the right circumstance and big enough balls, they would do the same.

But being ballsy is not the Pinoy way. Ergo, Ducat’s a hero.

I won’t even comment on how easily the government would deal with these “hostage takers.” Or which politician appeared when. It’s all circus. The net effect of all this is that it sends a message to future hostage takers that we have a government they can deal with. We don’t have a shortage of politicians willing to take the stage.

However, not every hostage taker will be a crackpot. One of these days, there will be fireworks and it will hurt.

P.S. Yeah, we were covered by CNN. Embarrassing! We cheer our hostage takers! Yeah! Still, it was better seeing it on cable than in our media with all their imbecilic questions.

“Ano pong nararamdaman niyo na ang anak niyo ay nasa loob ng bus at may isang lalaking nagtatangkang pasabugin ang bus?” (How do you feel now that your child is in a bus with a man threatening to blow it up?)

Sensationalist bull crap. How do you expect a mother to answer that question?

Too bad the wrong media men are being shot.


5 thoughts on “Breaking news! Common sense held hostage!

  1. Ducat: Professional KSP.

    Somebody lock him up in a mental institution already and stop him from taking somebody hostage again. He’s an international embarrassment.

  2. Yeah, we were covered by CNN. Embarrassing!

    O__O Yes, I saw the hostage thing on Star News Asia. SDADFs.

    *dies of embarrassment*

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