Thomas Friedman presents “Addicted to Oil” @ YouTube!

I’m calling this the sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Thomas L. Friedman, one of favorite journalists and thinkers of all time (The World is Flat, anyone?), presents “Addicted to Oil”, a Discovery Channel documentary where he explores how the United States — and the rest of the world — can break our dependence on oil as a resource.

This is a good follow to “An Inconvenient Truth” since it talks directly about oil, its exhausts being one of the main causes of global warming. It follows up one of Al Gore’s major points on how to respond to the climate crisis.

What follows in this post are the YouTube links to all five parts of the documentary. You may consult the Discovery Channel (click here for Asia) website for TV times.

Watch “Addicted to Oil” over at YouTube:

Visit the official “Addicted to Oil” website

Visit Thomas L. Friedman’s home at The New York Times


4 thoughts on “Thomas Friedman presents “Addicted to Oil” @ YouTube!

  1. waah! naunahan mo ako! i was supposed to promote this… i plan to watch this, it’ll be shown on april 2, discovery channel, either 9 or 10pm… ho-well.

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