Building a better school year, part 1

I can’t even begin to imagine how next school year can possibly top this one, but I will be able to. I felt the same way when I ended with ’08, but look at how far ’09 and I have gone.

These are my initial thoughts on what I’ll be doing next school year. Students past and future (that would be the ’10 already reading this blog) are free to comment and suggest ideas.

Take note that not all you read here will find its way to the classroom. While chances are they will, I just don’t want you to keep your hopes up too much.

So for SY 07/08, here are some ideas to help me get started when I brainstorm in May.

    • Start the year with the history of mythology. First major homework will be “show and tell” where they share their favorite myths, mythologies and legends with the rest of their classmates. They don’t have to be confined to Asia. They can explore other cultures, media and even times (ie. superheroes).


  • Students will write their own origin stories using the important elements of a good mythology. This will be their first long test. (This is basically your personal history given a creative spin.)



  • I won’t go into Islam much, and will focus more on the three Abrahamic religions. (I’ll still try to do that Muhammad thing though.)



  • There will be only one major project this year: PMW ’08. Throughout the rest of the quarters are smaller projects which will be easier and simpler compared to The War of the Emperors (’08) and the Tianxiaverse Project (’09).



  • I want to improve on the structure used for the TXV though, since I like how it left the students to their own devices. I’ll be using this model for something else.



  • There will be two synthesis papers in the year. One for the 2nd quarter and another for the 4th.



  • We have to watch Letters from Iwo Jima. Have to. If we have time, we’ll watch it back to back with The Last Samurai for comparisons. I think their first synthesis paper will be related to this.


This is all for now. More ideas soon.


4 thoughts on “Building a better school year, part 1

  1. daya. this sounds fun. not saying that this year wasn’t the BEST, but… aaw, we’ll miss all that.

    we’ll miss you sir! can we sit in once in a while? 🙂

    — jenny p. hoto

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