Aspiring young Filipino politicians utilize the flat world

Partylist group Kabataan is tapping into the flat world to promote their cause. They know they couldn’t compete with the bigger, better funded party list groups so they brought their fight to another arena — the internet.

Kabataan president and first nominee, Raymond Palatino is a blogger and thus he admits that the online campaign can flatten the playing field a bit. However, the statistics work against him. Internet penetration is not yet that impressive in our country, and so they recognize that they also have to break into the mainstream media. He says,

We need the Internet [because] it’s affordable, interactive, cool and safe, and [can be used for] easier communication. [But] we do not rely on Internet alone. Dapat i-synergize ito sa [We need to synergize this with] traditional election campaigning. We cannot ignore the Internet kasi yung audience niya [because its audience is the] youth at educated segment of our population.

What follows is their YouTube video and a link to Palatino’s blog.

Mong Palatino’s blog can be reached here.


6 thoughts on “Aspiring young Filipino politicians utilize the flat world

  1. salamat sa blogpost na ito. by the way, graduate ako ng BS Educ, major in social studies. classmate ko si flor edulan at jen balangue. nagtuturo din sila sa pisay. salamat ulit. – mong

  2. Yo Martz!

    Of course you do know that Kabataan is merely an offshoot of Bayan Muna. And Bayan Muna has wide links with the NPA. (I should know, I just came from a short encounter with political prisoners in Bilibid). So mapapansin mo that they condemn extra-judicial killings by the military but not by the members of the NPA.

    I prefer my representative to be less ideological and more level-headed, that’s why I’m voting for AKBAYAN instead.

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