Asia’s crammed cities need infrastructure investment

(Read the full article over at the Inquirer)

Heavy traffic, squatters areas, pollution, the continuing decline in the quantity and quality of our water supply, and the looming energy crisis are all consequences of the urbanization we have seen in the past half century.

The ADB expects that more than a billion people will join the cities in the coming 20 years. Currently half of the world’s population lives in cities, with the current number of 1.56billion rocketing up to 2.6 billion in 25 years.

“Although the incidence of poverty has declined in Asian countries, thanks to sustained and robust economic growth … in recent years, approximately 25-30 percent of urban population live in slums, squatter settlements and substandard housing,” Ramachandran, the secretary of India’s Ministry of Urban Development, said.

It is not too late though. As we grapple with the pressures of globalization and urbanization, it falls on our leaders to promote the right social and demographic policies.

Ah. That’s the problem now, isn’t it?


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